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Texas A&M, Go Now. We'd All Appreciate It!!

Written by Andrew Hammond
If A&M enters the SEC, Kyle Field will be among the toughest places to play in the SEC. If A&M enters the SEC, Kyle Field will be among the toughest places to play in the SEC.

Yesterday, like any other day in the past year and a few months, rumors of one of the existing Big 12 Schools leaving rises once again. This time, like almost every other time it’s Texas A&M, yep the 12th Man is angry, upset, pissed off and looking to leave..again.

I know, your wondering haven’t we been here before, like three or more times? Yes we have but this time they have to make the move, the board of regents has to realize that with their recent success in track, softball, baseball and womens basketball. Plus if they step into the SEC, they will walk into a great TV Deal with ESPN because it would have ALL sports and ALL schools featured on the worldwide leader (Something the Big 12 Fails to realize every singe day).

A few other things that make this move even more logical…..

-Texas A&M Alum (With major pull at TAMU) Gene Stallings has close ties to the SEC (Coached at Alabama as the Def. Cord 58-64 and Head Coach 90-96)

-The Aggies would be competitive in all Non revenue sports. (7 Sports have won Conference or national titles since 2003)

-The Longhorn Network and the conference TV package which puts the shine on Texas, throws the other schools a somewhat decent package, but looks small compared to the Pac-12 and Big 10.

-Will the Big 12 even last 5 or 10 seasons? No, everybody other than Texas isn’t happy. No matter what the other nine schools say. Someone has to go Rouge right?

Now you may think that Texas A&M is arrogant and thinks they can compete with the SEC right away and you know what? The Aggies are right!

-Arkansas people complain about having Texas A&M possibly come in, hey Arkansas, what have you done to be a big talker in the SEC?

-Texas A&M Basketball could be second to Kentucky in the SEC Basketball and would have a fanbase bigger than all of the other schools other than Tennessee, Florida and Kentucky.

-Texas A&M is better than Mississippi State when it comes to everything. In academics, athletics, quality of life, I mean does Starkville, MS even have a Walmart or McDonald’s???

If Texas A&M does go, which is most likely in 2013, it would only speed up the process of the inevitable death of the Big 12 Conference. You have one school getting a giant TV Deal with it’s own network and the other nine schools getting more money but no major TV Deals. It’s a simple conference imbalance which makes Dan Beebe and the Big 12 look like a joke and shows what Nebraska and Colorado were saying when they left the Big 12…Texas plays puppet master to Dan Beebe.

So, if the Aggies do leave then what happens to everybody else?

-Oklahoma, Oklahoma St. more than likely wont join A&M in the SEC and looks more attractive to the Pac-12

-Texas Tech, could go one of three ways. The Pac-12 with the Oklahoma Schools. The Mountain West or even Conference USA if they can lure Baylor along. Baylor can only go to the Mountain West or Conference USA becuase the Pac-12 obviously didn’t want them a year ago.

-When it comes to Kansas, Kansas St, Missouri, and Iowa St. This is where it gets tricky. Multiple reports say that the Big East was ready to offer all four schools an invite to their conference. So do they go in a packaged deal? That depends on if Mizzou gets an invite from the conference that spurned them a year ago, the Big Ten. If we see Mizzou heading to the Big Ten, then Iowa St. will more than likely get an invite to C-USA and then KU and K-State could see something from the the Big East. It wouldn’t help football but it would make the basketball side of the Big East a complete monster.

-Texas? Well they would just go independent. All by themselves just like they wanted it all along. Can’t you see Deloss Dodds and Mack Brown counting all their money like a Ebeneezer Scrooge dressed in all burnt orange and white? I sure can.



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