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Big 12 in the National Rankings

Written by Jay Beck

We're only three weeks into the college football season and the Big 12 is well presented in the national statistics. Its early, but here's a look at who, what, and where the Big 12 players and teams stand on the national scene.

No doubt these will fluctuate as teams get into the meat of their schedule, but you have to play who's on your schedule (cupcakes or not) and a whole slew of players are off to hot starts. I only included those players/teams in the top 15 in each category. For a complete list of stats, you can check them out at NCAA.org.



Ranking in FBS Rushing yards/game
Yards Ranking FBS Total Offense
2 Daniel Thomas KSU 184 9 Brandon Weeden
3 Kendal Hunter OSU 157.67 10 Jerrod Johnson
7 Taylor Martinez Neb 140.33

13 DeMarco Murray OU 123

Ranking in FBS Passing yards/game
Yards Ranking FBS Total Scoring
2 Brandon Weeden OSU 325 1 Justin Blackmon OSU 18
12 Jerrod Johnson TAMU 288.33 2(tie) Taylor Martinez NEB 16
13 Blaine Gabbert MIZ 284 5(tie) DeMarco Murray OU 14
15 Landry Jones OU 283.67 8 Dan Bailey - K OSU 13

11(tie) Daniel Thomas KSU 12
Ranking in FBS Completions/game
Compl. 11(tie) Kendal Hunter OSU 12
2 Blaine Gabbert Miz 29.33 11(tie) Lyle Leong TT 12
5 Taylor Potts TT 25.67

9 Brandon Weeden OSU 24.67

10 Landry Jones OU 24.33

Ranking in FBS Passing Efficiency
Rating Ranking FBS Total Tackles
6 Brandon Weeden OSU 186 7 A.J. Klein ISU 12

Ranking in FBS Receptions/Game
Recept. Ranking FBS Tackles for Loss
2 Ryan Broyles OU 10.33 9(tie) Eddie Jones TEX 2
3 T.J. Moe MIZ 10 9(tie) Brian Duncan TT 2
4 Michael Egnew MIZ 9.67

8 Justin Blackmon OSU 8

Ranking in FBS Receiving Yards/game Yards Ranking FBS Sacks
1 Justin Blackmon OSU 143.67 1(tie) Brian Duncan TT 5
4 Ryan Broyles OU 127.33 3(tie) Eddie Jones TEX 4

Ranking in FBS All Purpose Yards
Yds/game Ranking FBS Interceptions
2 Kendall Hunter OSU 198.33 1 Jarvis Phillips TT 4
5 Daniel Thomas KSU 189 12(tie) Kenji Jackson MIZ 2
9 DeMarco Murray OU 178.67 12(tie) P.J. Smith NEB 2
13 Eric Stephens TT 171.33 12(tie) Alfonzon Dennard NEB 2



Ranking in FBS Rushing Offense Yds/game Ranking in FBS Rushing Defense Yds/game
4 Nebraska 344
1 Texas 44
11 Kansas State 260.33
10 Texas A&M 69

11 Colorado 71.67
Ranking in FBS Passing Offense Yds/game

1 Oklahoma State 391.67
Ranking in FBS Passing Defense Yds/game
14 Texas A&M 296.67
8 Kansas 122.33

13 Iowa State 133.67
Ranking in FBS Total Offense Yds/game

2 Oklahoma State 569
Ranking in FBS Total Defense Yds/game
8 Nebraska 513.33
2 Texas 206.67
12 Texas A&M 501.33
10(tie) Texas A&M 255.67

Ranking in FBS Scoring Offense Pts/game Ranking in FBS Scoring Defense Pts/game
2 Oklahoma State 57
9(tie) Texas 12.67
5 Nebraska 47.67

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