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Tuberville hits bumpy road on recruiting trail at Cincinnati

Written by Jay Beck
Tuberville hits bumpy road on recruiting trail at Cincinnati USA Today Sports

Head coaching changes cause plenty of turmoil issues for both the school the old coach is leaving and the school the new coach is coming into.

It's an uneasy time for the players on both schools' rosters, assistant coaches are often up in the air about their job status, the families of all those involved are affected, and of course the players that are being recruited or have committed to either school are often in a state of limbo.

It's the last issue that appears to be giving new Cincinnati head coach, Tommy Tuberville, some heartburn, or so it appears from the outside looking in.

First, there was the story of Tuberville leaving prospects high-and-dry at the dinner table at a Lubbock steakhouse on his way out of town. You can choose which side to believe on that one.

Then there was the story this past Sunday that Massillon High School football coach, Jason Hall, was banning Tuberville and his staff from their campus due to the recruitment of their quarterback Kyle Kempt (or lack of) who had committed to the Bearcats under former coach Butch Jones, an offer that apparently wasn't honored by Cincy's new staff.

“It was an ugly situation,” Hall said. “I think they thought he was going to go to Tennessee with Butch Jones and they offered another quarterback. But that wasn’t the case. Cincinnati will not be allowed back in Massillon on our campus as long as Jason Hall is in Massillon.”

Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio and the surrounding areas happen to be a hotbed for potential college football recruits in the state of Ohio, something Tuberville will likely need now and more of in the future.

There are of course two sides to every story and this was coming solely from the side of the recruit. Since we'll probably never hear the other side, all we're left to do is raise an eyebrow, but whatever the case, it's probably not something Tuberville will be using on his recruiting postcards he sends out in the future.

And the stories don't stop there, either. It appears another player who had committed to Cincinnati (now de-committed) doesn't sound all that happy about his situation.

Defensive back Demetrius Monday de-committed on Thursday because he claims he never heard from Tuberville at all (Tubs was named Cincy's new coach on December 8th).

Finally, his dad called the school to find out what was up leading to these comments from the story on

“They told us to ‘look other places,’” Monday said (the father). “I’m in Los Angeles on vacation, and I just got the bad news.

“The thing is, we’ve talked to some other kids committed to Cincinnati. They say the same thing, that they haven’t heard from the staff. Basically (Tuberville) isn’t calling anybody, he’s trying to get the kids to de-commit on their own.

“It’s a bad situation.”

Again, there's likely more to tell here, but it certainly doesn't sound like Tuberville is making many new friends at his new home.

This isn't meant to accuse Tuberville of anything because who knows what really happened,[i] but at a minimum, you would think these are fires that Cincy's coaching staff would put out before they got into the public domain.

I guess the moral to the story is that yes indeed, coaching changes aren't always as simple as they seem on the surface. There are always a lot of variables at play and it appears from one side at least, Tuberville's first month at his new job hasn't gone as smoothly as he would have liked.

[i] Thinking out loud, why would you wait a month before trying to contact your new coach? Absolutely the coach should be the one contacting a recruit first, but a month?

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  • Comment Link ruagatr2 Saturday, 12 January 2013 11:30 posted by ruagatr2

    the author of this article needs to grow a pair!
    Is he Tuberville's PR man?
    History should dictate Tuberville is less than straight forward.

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  • Comment Link itawamba Friday, 11 January 2013 13:48 posted by itawamba

    You do realize it is duck hunting season don't you. Tubbs hunts first then recruits, just ask any Auburn fans.

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